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Why Religion Might Just Matter

Anyone drifting through this Belief section might just come to the conclusion that the Narcotic Lollipop has something of a tabloid-like obsession with all things paedo.

Hardly a month goes by without some reference to nefarious cassock-related rummagings, making it easier and easier to dismiss religion as the pass-time of the perverted or deluded (or both).

But beyond the obvious personal suffering of those who have received ‘special communion’ from some bug-eyed, sweaty priest, why does any of this matter?

Well, whisper it quietly, but it probably matters because the church-or at least many of the thinkers within- has something of value to say about those existential issues that subtly nibble away at our sense of equilibrium.

And so every time a new scandal breaks, every time we are further repulsed by religion, we are pulled closer to an empty world of dull anxiety and addictive consumption.