Feeding Your People In A Nuclear Age

Ian StoneSo, North Korea has agreed to let weapons inspectors into their country in exchange for food.

Essentially, at this juncture, their position is ‘so many of our people are starving, its got to the point where we’re starting to think that nuclear weapons might be an extravagance we can do without’.

You don’t say.

I really can’t understand what goes on in North Korea, but then who can?

My basic feeling towards them is ‘what do you want from us? You’ve got twenty-five million people in your country’.

‘Twenty million of them are starving to death and the other five million are a little bit peckish. You’ve got nuclear weapons and a standing army of a million men and women and the only thing you’re good at as far as I can tell are massive synchronized gymnastic displays’.

Oddly enough, while North Korea and also Iran are desperate to get their hands on nukes, people in this country are engaged in an ongoing debate about whether we should spend twenty billion pounds on nuclear weapons that we’re never going to use.

Personally, I think we should save ourselves the money and just tell people we’ve got some.

It’s all about deterrence apparently, but who’s going to attack us with nuclear weapons?

India and Pakistan have nukes but they’re more likely to bomb each other than bother about us.

The Chinese won’t attack us as pretty much every bit of shit we buy is from China. The moment they nuke us, their GDP goes down by ten percent.

The North Koreans won’t be attacking us anytime soon. They can barely provide electric light for their country.

The Russians are more interested in buying our football teams, the Yanks need all the friends they can muster at the moment and we’re way down the list of priorities for the Israelis.

The only people with nuclear weapons who we don’t like that much are the French, but they’re only twenty miles away.

If they drop a nuclear device on us and the wind changes, they’re fucked.