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Coming Together In The Name Of Hate

In mergers and acquisitions news unlikely to make it into the business pages of the world press, al-Shabab and al-Qaeda have announced that the two groups have now officially amalgamated.

Al-Shabab, known for banning aid agencies and hating women, will get a publicity boost from their association with the more famous al-Qaeda, who themselves will gain from al-Shabab’s expertise in murder and mayhem.

Since US Special Forces turned Osama bin Laden into a convincing impression of a human colander, the organisation that he once so successfully led has been on the back foot.

But with the fifty UK citizens said to be training with al-Shabab in Somalia now operating under the al-Qaeda brand, the chances of Islamic terrorism making it back into the Western headlines must surely be increasing.

The London Olympics, the European Football Championships or just about any everyday activity in the US; the choices available to these righteous loons are as wide as they are potentially devastating.

We can only hope, however, that these new ‘best friends’ will be too busy exchanging beard-grooming tips to actually implement their dastardly plans.